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We started TinkerBarn with a mission to change the world in a big way through the little things that matter most, by activating capitalism for good.  Our focus is to help founders execute faster and better by helping them bridge the gap between ideas and building a scaled business. But not just any ideas. We are uniquely focused on ideas that have the potential to change the world and make an impact on social and environmental issues that exist today. 


Companies and governments have made big pledges to address social and environmental issues, but big gaps exist. We believe that startups will drive the innovation needed to fill those gaps.


At TinkerBarn, we go beyond just being a strategic advisor and get hands on with entrepreneurs to help them execute faster and better.


We are investing our time, resources and capital in ideas that have the potential to change the world in positive and impactful ways, because we believe that doing good is simply good business.


Greatly impact at least 1 billion people by 2025, by accelerating ideas that do good things for social and environmental advancement.



Change the world in a big way through the little things that matter most by activating capitalism for good.


Do the right thing

Reimagine & reinvent everything

We're on the same team


Frank Addante

Co-Creator & General Partner

An engineer turned entrepreneur, Frank founded 5 technology companies resulting in two IPOs and multiple acquisitions creating more than $5 billion in market value, $1 billion in sales and $300 million of capital raised..  Frank has been named Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, most admired CEO by the LABJ and one of the 500 most influential people in LA.


An active philanthropist, Frank has served on boards such as the Alzheimer's Association, CASA (an organization serving abused and neglected foster children), and currently serves on the boards of the Park City Education Foundation and the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies.


Frank grew up in Chicago and studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  When not helping entrepreneurs, he loves spending time with his family skiing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, experiencing live music, doing yoga and meditating.

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Brynn Moynihan

Co-Creator & Special Advisor
(and now serving as CEO of Your29, Inc - a TinkerBarn accelerated company)

At the age of 8, Brynn started her very first company, Hoboken Kids, where she created and sold custom made holiday decorations at local boutiques and holiday home shows. That passion for building things from scratch, disrupting the status quo, and growing market share and revenue continues to drive Brynn in all aspects of her career. Since then, Brynn has served on the senior leadership teams of several companies across the technology and digital media industries, where she has a proven track record of innovating, launching, and rapidly scaling user adoption, revenue, and company valuations.


Brynn grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey and studied Marketing and International Business at Fordham University, where she graduated with honors. 


When not building new things, she spends time playing or building sand castles at the beach with her two young children, watching history documentaries with her husband or curling up with her pets reading a good book. She is based in Redondo Beach, California.

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If you have an idea that will change the world, then we want to work with you. 

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